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UK Phone Numbers Facts and Figures.

Check out some interesting facts about UK phone numbers and the power of a VoIP phone system. With a hosted VoIP service you can take your pick from geographic or nationwide numbers. Read on for more information!

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UK phone numbers and VoIP - Did you know?...

  • There are 33.2 millionsfixed landlines in the UK

    UK landlines

    That's a lot of line rental!

    A hosted VoIP service doesnt require a fixed landline, so there is no line rental to pay. Think of the savings your business could be making by using your existing internet to make and receive calls with your own unique business phone number! Plus, if you move offices there’s no need to wait for lines to be connected. You're ready to go at anytime.

  • Telecoms are losing an average of 700,000landline customers per month.

    Landline customers

    Where are those customers going?

    They have probably realised that they could be reducing their call costs exponentially by moving to a VoIP phone system. Calling via the internet is much cheaper than using traditional PSTN phone lines, whether it is local or international. You can also free yourself from a geographical location and present a phone number from anywhere in the UK.

  • The world's most expensive number 666 6666 was auctioned for charity, and sold for

    Most expensive phone number

    You won't forget that number!

    We offer a wide range of geographic, non-geographic and premium phone numbers for your business at competitive rates. With out handy number search tool you will be able to find one that suits your needs and location preference. You even get to select a free number when you take one of our VoIP call plans!

The facts and figures of a VoIP phone system

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