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Integrated IVR for Free!

Create sophisticated touch tone “Press 1, Press 2...” call trees up to 6 x 6 deep instantly. With our hosted VoIP service you can easily manage Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options for all your incoming calls. Elevate the experience your customers receive when they call you.

IVR - Professional Interactive Voice Response via Cloud PBX

Whether you are a freelancer or large corporation, with our easily editable IVR system setup, you can start presenting professional call menus to your callers in no time. Our Cloud PBX hands you the ability to assign actions which callers can choose via touch tone selection on their phones. Build better customer satisfaction and a more efficient customer experience by allowing your callers to choose the service or department they require without the need to repeatedly place them on hold pass them round the office. Record your own bespoke voice prompts or use our existing defaults. Divert calls to specific departments, employees or voicemail mailboxes in just a few clicks. The flexibility available with our IVR features means that you can create an efficient, but inexpensive gatekeeper for incoming calls, with a personality that reflects your company or brand. Enhance your customers’ call routing experience with our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features today

  • Instantly create professional touch tone IVR menus for incoming calls.
  • Combine multiple call modules. Applied easily as call routes and used in conjunction with all other call route modules to add voicemail, play audio, send to certain users, groups, external numbers.
  • Dial by Extension - let callers enter the extension to be dialled via touch tone.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by letting your callers choose the most relevant destination to resolve their queries.
  • IVR - Professional Interactive Voice Response via Cloud PBX
  • IVR - Professional Interactive Voice Response via Cloud PBX
  • IVR - Professional Interactive Voice Response via Cloud PBX