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How do I make and receive calls with the Yay.com VoIP WebPhone?

How do I make and receive calls with the Yay.com VoIP WebPhone?


Start making VoIP calls via our WebPhone today. Make and receive calls directly from the comfort of your web browser and call colleagues, friends or family in an instant.

Log in to start using Yay.com app! 

1) To start making calls just navigate to https://yay.app/. You must already be logged in with your Yay.com account details to use the WebPhone, or alternatively you can just log in with your Yay.com credentials when prompted.

2) Once logged in, select your SIP User from the dropdown located at the top of the WebPhone interface.

3) You are now ready to make and receive calls! Dial the number or extension you want and click the Call button. You can even try calling your number from another phone number and answer the call via WebPhone.

Please note, some browsers may request that you share your microphone with the WebPhone. Sharing your microphone will ensure your voice can be picked up by your browser and your voice to be heard on the other end of the call.

Browser compatibility

Making a phone work via your browser is state-of-the-art technology, so right now you need to be using your desktop computer or Android device and the latest Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge web browsers. Unfortunately, current versions of Internet Explorer aren't as advanced as we need it to be quite yet. 

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