How do I use the WebPhone? App

How do I use the WebPhone?

The browser-based WebPhone is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox!

  • Step 1
  • Click the 'WebPhone' icon to start using the WebPhone!


You can access a browser-based version of the Desktop app by visiting ‘’, or by clicking the ‘WebPhone’ Icon on your Dashboard.

You’ll then be taken through to the login screen for the WebPhone, where you can log in using your Account Credentials. If you have been invited to the app using your own email address, you’ll be able to create a password and login using your own credentials.


Step 2

Choose your User to Activate


If you have logged in as the Account Holder, you’ll then be asked to select your User from those in your account. If you have been invited, then you will automatically log in as your assigned user. If you only have one User in your Account, then you will be automatically logged in as that user.


Step 3



If you have logged in as the Account Holder you’ll be asked to send invites to other Users to activate with the Webphone too! You can do so by adding their email address, which will become their login email for the WebPhone.


Step 4


desktop app


You’ll then be taken through to the WebPhone, where you’ll be able to start calling! Yay!

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