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What is Call Encryption, TLS and SRTP?

Call Encryption is a method of encrypting both your VoIP SIP traffic (The handshake that introduces and closes a call) and your actual VoIP Audio, often referred to as RTP traffic.

We support turning on both TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt your VoIP SIP traffic and turning on encryption for your RTP traffic to make the actual audio secure using SRTP (Secure RTP). To activate TLS for the SIP traffic you don't need to do anything in your Yay.com dashboard, just activate the setting in the SIP features of your hardware or softphone. Note: Not all hardware or softphones will support TLS and/or SRTP, and some devices may take further configuration on the actual device itself like our Yealink example explained here.

SRTP encryption deals with encrypting the actual audio of the call. Therefore it can be turned on for both the inbound call audio and the outbound call audio. So for listening to what your caller has to say (inbound) and you talking to the caller (outbound). Below is what you need to do to encrypt each part:

To encrypt outbound traffic from your phone: The majority of softphones & hardware come with SRTP 'off' by default. If you wish to use SRTP on your devices you simply need to enable it on your hardware or softphone. You do not need to do anything in your Yay.com dashboard.

To encrypt inbound traffic to your phone:

1) Activate SRTP on your hardware or softphone in the "audio" settings for the relevant device.

2) Once you've done that, you then need to enable it in your Yay.com Dashboard. To do this go to your Dashboard > MyVoIP > User > Sip User > Edit > Call Encryption > Enable. If you accidentally enable Call Encryption in your Sip User & not on your hardware/softphone you'll instantly have problems with your calls, so do check both are either enabled or disabled.

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