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How do I make or receive a VoIP call?

You can make and receive calls in pretty much three ways with Yay.com

1) By using a softphone. This is a bit of software on your computer that uses your computers data network, microphone and speaker (Or headset if you have one on your computer) to make and receive the call. There's loads of choice of softphones and we list a few we like here - Recommended Software - plenty of them are free. Android phones have a native softphone built in, which they call "Internet Calls". Thats really easy to configure and the following is a good link on where to go to set that up - Google Support

2) You can use a regular VoIP enabled phone. Again there is a huge choice and we sell all the major brands at Yay.com VoIP Phone Store. If you're starting out, a Grandstream 1625 is a good choice. That lets you have two concurrent calls and has a decent feature set for the price. You just plug the phone into your network (or any network thats on the Internet; doesn't have to be at your business or home address) and it will connect to our platform and you can make and receive calls. You have to put a few credentials into the phone, but just three, your username, password and the "domain" - talk.yay.com. You set up your users in the Dashboard at Yay.com once you have an account so can call them what you like.

3) You can simply use our Call Routes to forward your number to a mobile number. This isn't using our service at its optimum but some customers find this easiest. Just tell the system - call this mobile number - and forward the call on when someone dials your new London number or whatever number you choose.

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