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What do I need to get started on Yay?

What do I need to get started on Yay?


The basics of your Yay account start with Numbers and Users. When you first sign up for a Yay account you will be asked to choose a Number and a User Plan, but don't worry, if you feel you need to change either of these two elements at any time they're completely customisable.


When you own a number through Yay it is what's known as a virtual number. This, in short, means you are not restricted by having a fixed line and can configure what happens when the number is dialled through your dashboard, and even better, any changes made will take place instantly.


SIP Users are the destination for calls and need to be linked to a device (e.g. desk phone or our Yay app) in order for VOIP calls to be received. We will give you a SIP Username and Password unique to each user which is visible in your account here, these credentials along with our SIP Server (talk.yay.com) are your gateway to VOIP.


After you have chosen what number you would like to use and the plan you would like your SIP User to be on, next you will need to set up a call route which is you telling us what to do with your calls when your number is dialled. You can set up a call route that rings one user, or one hundred users, and apply that call route to one number, or one hundred numbers, making our platform extremely versatile.


We allow you to edit your call routes whenever you want to, so you can be as adventurous as you’d like with the call routing and come back and make changes if you need to adjust which users answer which number and in which order.  


When you make an outbound call through your VOIP phone your SIP user will not be permanently linked to any specific number (as is the case with a fixed line) so we give you the option to present your caller ID as any number on your account, more information on how to configure that is here.

If you would like any further assistance with Numbers, Users and Call Routes get in touch with us and our Support Team would be more than happy to assist.

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