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What are the Basics of a Call Queue Notice?

Using Yay.com’s Queue Notices feature, customers can fully customise any audio experienced by a caller when they ring through. When adding your Advanced Call Queue to your routing, you’ll be prompted to add a Queue Notice, which you’ll need to create first here.



1. Queue Notice Nickname - What you would like to call your Queue Notice?

2. Play Frequency - How often you’d like to play your notices to the caller.

3. 'Start Playlist After' - This is the time after which the call begins that your queue notice Play Frequency begins. If you set this to 0 minutes and the Play Frequency to 1 min, for example, you will hear your first notice after the first minute of calling.

4. 'End Playlist After' - This decides the time at which your Queue Notice will stop playing. This will not end the call, but will just stop playing the audio from your playlist.

5. Which audio files you would like to add in - These will play consecutively, from the top down. Please note that if you add in one of the audio files below, you will need to add a second audio file in beforehand to describe it, as we will only announce the number:

 - 'People Before'

 - 'Position'

 - 'Average wait time'

6.How many playlists you will need - You can create more than one playlist which plays after a certain time. For example, for the first 5 minutes you could have Playlist 1 playing audio offering position in the queue, but after that point, you can have a second Playlist stating the position in the queue as well as another audio file with a ‘we apologise for keeping you waiting’ message.

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