I’ve added a new business number, how do I make It ring?


I’ve added a new business number, how do I make It ring?

To get your new local or non-geographic number(s) to ring on Yay, you’ll need to assign a call route to it! You can create a new call route in your dashboard, under Voice > Inbound Settings > Routing


You’ll need to click the “Add Call Route”, to open up the call route editor. Depending on your plan, you’ll see a varying amount of modules on the right-hand side, with the Enterprise Plan having access to all the business VoIP features we have available. You can see all of our plans and feature here.  The following example is a basic call route which will send calls to one user and then voicemail.


Step 1: Send the call to your user.  After adding the 'Send to Users/ Forward Call' to your route, type your extension (e.g. 1001) into the box and ensure that you press the plus button.  Alternatively, you can send the call to a hunt group or forward it to an external number.


Step 2: Send the call to your voicemail.  Select your mailbox from the dropdown menu.  


Step 3: Assign your number.  You can do this by first pressing the 'View all numbers' dropdown.  Second, select any numbers that you would like to follow this call route.  Finally, give your call route a name and ensure that you save changes.


This is nowhere close to an exhaustive display of features supported within Call Routes.  Call Queues and IVR Menus are also among our most popular modules.


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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