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I've added a new business number, how do I make it ring?

I've added a new business number, how do I make it ring?


To get your new local or non-geographic number(s) to ring on Yay.com, you’ll need to assign a call route to it! You can create a new call route in your dashboard, under Voice > Routing


You’ll need to click the “Add Call Route”, to open up the call route editor. Depending on your plan, you’ll see a varying amount of modules on the right-hand side, with the Enterprise Plan having access to all the business VoIP features we have available. You can see all of our plans and feature here


Step 1

Ghost calls for Polycom A

Step 2

Polycom Ghost calls b

To create a basic call route which rings a user and goes to voicemail, you’ll need to add the “Send to user(s)/external/trunk” module, which you can use to direct to multiple users or you can use to forward to an external number. Just type the extension number in the “Send Call To” box to add any new extensions. 

You’ll then need to decide what you’d like to happen next, such as to send to a different group of users, or to send to a voicemail. If the latter, you can add the “Send to Voicemail” module on the right-hand side. Once added, you can choose to either create a new mailbox or add an existing one. In this example, we’ve selected the “Personal Mailbox” which is added by default to all accounts. 


You can manage and edit your mailboxes under Config > Mailboxes if you ever wanted to change anything.


If you get stuck or have any questions, you can contact helpful our support team.

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