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How Can I Change my Opening Hours Over The Christmas Period?

Do your opening hours over the Christmas break differ to your usual opening hours? Want to have a different voicemail over the festive period?
You can do this using our Time Diaries - if you already have a time diary, you can edit your existing diary instead of creating a new one, though if you don’t have one we’ll explain below what you need to do!
First of all, you'll need to create a new call route for what you’d like to happen over the festive period. If you’d like to use an existing call route, you can skip this step of course!
Below is an example call route we have created which will send the caller to a Christmas Mailbox we have set up. When you save your new route, do not assign it to a number, simply select “Assign Later”.




Now your route has been created, we can add it to our time diary. Don’t have a time diary? Go to Routing > Time Diaries > Add a time diary, as per the image below:






Click on “Custom Days”, and give your new time diary a name.

You can then set the “to" and “from" dates and times, and pick which route to assign. In the example below, we have given the custom entry a label so we know what the custom entry was for in the future. Then, we have set the start time as 6 pm on the 24th of December (as this is the time we close for Christmas), and end time as 9 am on the 27th of December (as this is when we are open again). The Call route we want to assign to this period of time if the X-Mas Call Route we created before: 




Once you have clicked on “Add to Diary” you will see the custom dates added below with a red line - you can hover over this red line to see which call route is assigned to that period too!







If you created a new diary, you need to assign it to your number from VoIP > Numbers > Numbers > Edit (pencil icon):






If you already have a time diary assigned to your number, please note that you can edit your existing time diary and go to “Custom Days” rather than creating a new time diary - anything in the custom days section will override your weekly time diary.

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