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What are the Different Types of Ring Order for Call Queueing?

The Call Queue function that we offer has various ways of which to ring your Yay.com users, and this FAQ details how each selection works! 




1. Fewest calls - For each inbound call, it will call the user who has answered the least amount of calls before moving on (The time to move on is determined by the “Timeout before moving to next member”)

2. Least talking time - The duration of every phone call is recorded, and with this method it will call the person who has spent the shortest total duration of calls for that Ring Order Period - which is set in the box alongside.

3. Longest idle - The longest idle order will call the person who hasn’t answered a call for the longest time.

4. Ring all - This will ring all of the phones simultaneously while placing the caller in the queue. The “Timeout before moving to next member” and “Ring Order Period” options are not needed for this method.

5. Sequential (Across calls)  - This Ring Order will call each user in the group in a Sequential manner, and each new call will move to the next member in the order.

6. Sequential (Restart each call) - This Sequential order will follow the same rules as the above, in that it will call each user in turn, before moving on to the next member. However, for each new call, it will start with the same user before moving on to the next.

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