What is the Yay provisioning service?

Auto-Provisioning is a service that we provide to make your set up as simple as possible!


If you are a Yay account holder and order through Yay.com Store or our sister company NetXL, we can send the phone out to you already configured - so quite literally plug and play! All you would need is just need the user available in your account for us to assign to the device.


We can Auto Provision a wide range of devices - Any of the Gigaset N300IP and N510IP bases and handsets, Grandstream DP715/750 series, any of either the GXP16xx Series or GXP21xx series phones, and from the Yealink T19 through to the Yealink W52P.


If you want your device pre-configured, all you would need to do is send an email through to help@yay.com, referencing your order number and your account email, and then we would do the rest for you, easy as that!


Once you plug in your device, it will turn on after a few minutes, and then restart itself but after that will load up with all of your credentials, and you can start making/receiving calls! Yay!


What if something goes wrong and I have to factory reset my phone?


Not to worry!  For the majority of phones, this won't affect you, as once you reset the device it will load up with the correct data.


If you factory reset your Grandstream, however, you would need to reset the credentials in the Yay.com account! All you'd have to do is go to your Yay.com account, go to config > Hardware, and in here you'll see a list of available hardware that has been auto-provisioned to your account. If you click on the relevant device, you'll then be asked to 'Reset' the credentials, and after this just reboot your phone and you'll be good to go!

If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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