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Why can't I make TLS (encryption) work on my Siemens Gigaset phone?

Until recently, none of the phones in the Siemens Gigaset range supported TLS for SIP, the technology you need to encrypt VoIP calls. However, Siemens have now recently a new Gigaset range that DOES allow TLS on their phones:

  • DE310 IP Desk Phone
  • DE410 IP Desk Phone
  • DE700 IP Desk Phone
  • DE900 IP Desk Phone

Please remember that encryption needs to be active at each end of a call (Yay.com and your device) to work.

If the model you have isn't listed above, then unfortunately that model doesn't support TLS for SIP.

Check out our VoIP Phone Store for a wider range of other devices that do offer full TLS for SIP support.

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