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Why can't I access the web Interface of my Polycom?

Some Polycom We Interface's can only be reached through HTTPS, whereas some won't allow access to the Web Interface at all. This is because Polycom introduced the option to utilize only HTTPS, or to disable the Web Interface entirely. Not to worry though, there is a way to switch this back on!




Step 1

Polycom GUI

Select Settings


Step 2

Polycom GUI

Select Advanced


Step 3

Polycom GUI

Enter the admin password (by default this is 456)


Step 4

Polycom GUI

Select Administration Settings


Step 5

Polycom GUI

Select Web Server Configuration


Step 6

Polycom GUI

Polycom GUI

This menu will either allow you to either only enable HTTP, or only HTTPS or both


Polycom GUI

Or to disable this again


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