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How can I stop ghost calls on my Polycom phone?

How can I stop ghost calls on my Polycom phone?


If you've been receiving calls from an abnormal caller ID, and when you pick up there is nobody there you may be subject to something called a 'Ghost Call'. We have an FAQ which goes into more detail on that Here, however, this FAQ will walk you through disabling Ghost calls on a Polycom business VoIP device. 

You'll first need to access the IP address of the phone. To do that, you can either navigate through the settings to Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters, or you can use one of the IP scanners listed below:

Advanced IP scanner for Windows

Lanscan for Mac

Once you have the IP address, enter it in to your browser with the https:// before the IP address - this is due to the certificates Polycom have on their phones. You'll need to trust the site to access it, this isn't harmful it's just the browser won't recognise the certificates used. You can then use the default password 456 to enter the admin control panel. 

Step 1

Ghost calls for Polycom A

Step 2

Polycom Ghost calls b

You'll need to export the configuration of the phone by going to Utilities > Import and Export Configuration. Go to Export Configuration, and export "All Configuration (except Device Settings)

From here you'll need to edit the config in a Text Editor (Mac) or Notepad (PC). You'll need to add the below 2 lines in specifically, right at the bottom of the page, before the "/>", as in the screenshot above. 



Once you've done this, you'll be able to go back to the settings page, and upload the config file you amended. Once completed, you should find the ghost calls will stop affecting your Polycom!

Of course, if you continue to have problems you can Contact Our Friendly Support Team who should be able to point you in the right direction.

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