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How do I set up a Snom IP phone?

In order to set up a Snom phone, the first thing you will need is to find the IP address of your Snom. You can do this in a number of ways: You can press the down key on the silver navigation button on your phone and press the tick button to display the IP address on the display. Because all Snoms are different, those instructions may differ slightly, depending on your model of Snom.You can also find out the IP address of your Snom by using some IP scanning tools, which can be found here:

Advanced IP scanner for Windows LanScan for Mac

Once you found your Snom's IP, head to a browser window and enter the IP address into your URL bar. The default login password for Snoms are: Username: admin Password: admin (this could also be '456'!)

Once you are logged into the web configuration utility for your Snom, click the Identity 1 option under the Setup heading on the left and you’ll reach this page:

Snom Page 1

As you can see from the screen shot above, there are a few fields that will need filling in:

  • Your display name can be whatever you like
  • In the account field, enter your SIP username
  • The Password field is your SIP Password
  • The Registrar field will always contain talk.yay.com
  • The Authorisation Username field will also contain your SIP Username

Once you have entered the information above, there is one final step you will need to do in order to receive and make calls! You will have to turn off RTP Encryption as this is turned on in Snoms by default.

To do this, just click the RTP tab at the top on the same page and you'll get the following screen:

Snom Page 2

When this is on you won’t be able to receive or make calls unless you have Call Encryption turned on in your user, so make sure it is turned off!

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