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Disable ghost calls on a Yealink W52P with older firmware?

Disable ghost calls on a Yealink W52P with older firmware?


If you unsure what ghost calls are, you can read more about it here: Ghost Calls

Please note that this FAQ is only applicable for Yealinks that do not have the setting "Accept SIP trust server only" - more info.

In order to disable ghost calls on a Yealink W52P, the local configuration file on the Yealink needs to be changed. To download your local configuration in order to make the changes needed, you'll first need to log into the configuration ulitity. You can do this by using a IP network scanner like the Advanced IP scanner for Windows, or LanScan for Mac. Alternatively, you can find the IP address for your W52P by:

  • While on the home screen, press OK

  • Select 'Status' (the icon with a blue circle and the letter "i" in the middle) and press 'Ok'

  • Select 'Base' and press 'Ok'

  • The phone will then show the IP address

The default username is 'admin' and the default password is also 'admin' (minus the quotation marks). Once you have logged into your Yealink, go to the Phone tab and then click Configuration in the left-hand column. Under Local Configuration, click Export and save the generated file somewhere sensible.

Open the file with a text editor and you'll see something like this:

Append (or add) the following text and save the file:

  • account.1.sip_trust_ctrl=1
  • account.2.sip_trust_ctrl=1
  • account.3.sip_trust_ctrl=1
  • features.direct_ip_call_enable = 0
  • ..etc, depending on how many accounts you have registered with your W52P base station. In the example below, there is only 1 account registered to the W52P base station:

Save the file and back in the web interface, under Local Configuration, browse to the new config file that you’ve saved and select import.

Reboot the base station.

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