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How do I set up a Grandstream DP750 base and DP720 handset?

Once you have plugged in your DP750 (base) and DP720 (handset), you'll need to pair the handset to the base. In order to do this, you'll need to firstly press and hold the radio button on the front of the base until the radio symbol blinks on the base. From there:

  • Press 'Menu' (the left softkey) to bring up the operation menu
  • Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the 'Settings' icon and press 'Select' (left softkey)
  • Navigate to 'Registration' than press 'Select' (left softkey)
  • Navigate to 'Register' then press 'Select' (left softkey) while the radio icon on the base is blinking.
  • Select 'BaseX' (X=1-4) corresponding to the desired base station DP750 then press 'Subscribe' (left softkey) to register.
  • The handset will search for nearby base stations and will display the RFPI code of the discovered DP750
  • Press 'Subscribe' (left softkey) to pair with the displayed base. The handset will then display 'Easy Pairing' on the LCD Screen and will play an audible beep when successful! It will then return to the home screen, displaying the handset name and number assigned by the registered base station.

Once the handset is registered to the base, you'll then be able to find out the IP address of your base, which you''ll need in order to configure the phone with yay.com:

  • Press 'Menu' (the left softkey) to bring up the operation menu
  • Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the 'Settings' icon and press 'Select' (left softkey)
  • Press the Up arrow to navigate to "Info, then press "Select"
  • The LCD screen will then display information about the handset. Using the Arrow keys, move the cursor down to view the IP address of the base.
  • Once you have the IP address, enter it into a web browser and use the password of admin to log in

Advanced IP Scanner for Windows


LanScan for Mac


Once logged in, you'll see this page:

From here, you'll want to head to Profiles > Profile 1 > General Settings as in the picture below. From there you'll enter talk.yay.com into the SIP server field:

Once you have done that, click DECT > SIP Account Settings.

This information can be found in your dashboard under Users

  • SIP User ID: Your SIP username
  • Authenticate ID: Your SIP username
  • Password: Your SIP password
  • Name: Anything you like!

To tell if you're registered with yay.com, head back to the Status page, you'll see the phone symbol will be green if correctly registered! If not, make sure all your SIP user details are entered correctly, as well as the SIP server.

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