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How do I set up new hardware using config files?

Every desk phone has a config file which contains personalised settings for that device. Preferences such as BLF, Call Forwarding, Speed Dials and Shortcodes can be configured to the individual phone. Alongside this, images and other custom features can be added.

You can create a config file for your device* here:

Once you have created your file and saved it, you can upload it into the Yay.com dashboard via the Hardware page, within the Advanced config section.
Having uploaded your chosen config files, you can now allocate a default config file for your company. This could include settings such as time zones, BLF and speed dials. Following this, you can assign files to an individual device or a group of devices. This file will supersede any duplicate default settings.
We have also implemented the functionality to upload CSV files to the hardware page. This will allow you to have all your devices pre-configured and the dashboard will sync these to our database.

Your CSV File Must include:

  • MAC Address or UUID of the devices
  • Account ID (user)


You can also include:

  • Device Nickname
  • Phonebook
  • Selected config


Alongside this, you can personalise the background of your desk phone, if your device supports this feature. We recommend that the image is a resolution of 480 x 272px. It must be in the format .jpg/.png/.bmp/.jpeg.
Having completed these steps, make sure that you reset your devices and all of your settings should be ready to use!
*Please note that config files will vary between brands. Therefore, you will need to create different files for each brand and set a default file for every brand that you have.

If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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