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Setting up the Grandstream DP750/720 DECT Handset


To begin you will need to pair the handsets to the base station. 

Start by unboxing your phones, enter the batteries and put them onto the base docks. We recommend they are charged fully before first use. The base station will then need to be plugged into a power source and your router/network port.

  • Step One: Press Subscribe
  • Step Two: Select Base 1
  • Step Three: One of the units will find the base first, click subscribe to get this one online (if neither find the base skip to the next step and do step 4 twice)
  • Step Four: In order to get the second unit to register you will need to hold down the button on the back of the base station for 7 seconds, then go back to the handset and press search and then subscribe

If you get an error, head back to the base station and repeat step four

In order to confirm they are registered press the button on the back of the base station once and you should get the paging message and tone

Setting up the Phone via IP

To find the IP address of your phone head to Menu > Status > IP Address

If your IP address is 000000 your phones do not have an internet connection. Please go back to the base station and check the ethernet cable & power cable until you get an IP address.

This IP address will need to be entered into your browser and you should land on this page -

dp750 1

The next step is to set up the profile through Profiles > General Settings. Your SIP Server will need to be set to talk.yay.com

dp750 2

The Handset Name can be edited if you head to DECT > General Settings > Handset Settings

dp750 3

Under SIP Account Settings you enter your SIP user details & password.

dp750 4

You will now need to allocate a SIP User to each Handset under Handset Line Settings.

dp750 5

From here you will be able to check your phones are registered and which account is assigned to which handset.

dp750 6

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