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I want to place my Virgin Media Router into modem only mode. What router should I buy and how could it work?

Option 1

The Draytek 2925 range will connect to your Virgin Router in modem only mode to use it as the modem with an ethernet cable between the two. The base 2925 model will do the job, but doesn't have any WiFi built into it. If you want WiFi, we would suggest you take the 2925AC model which has built in AC Wifi (The fastest available at present). The Draytek 2860 range will also do the same thing and comes with a Fibre (VDSL) modem built in, so if you think you may wish to use your router on something other than Virgin Media lately, then opt for the Draytek 2860 (No Wifi) or Draytek 2860AC (With Wifi built in)

Option 2

This option splits down the component functions that are built into the Draytek Routers. We tend to prefer this as it gives a little more flexibility, but you need to be a lot more tech savvy to install and configure. The 3 required component parts are as follows:



The USG only has one port out, so you need a switch to share the traffic around your network.

With this solution the access point for the wifi (if you want wifi) isn't built into the router, so can be mounted anywhere you like and you can add more access points as you wish for fuller coverage around a large building.

All Ubiquiti wifi kit works on a zero handoff mesh network between the access points, so you can have one SSID around an entire building; You commonly see these access points in hotels and public places. The UAP-AC-PRO, UAP-AC-LR and UAP-AC-M all have different features as access points, but for all intent and purpose install similarly, so it doesn’t have to be the UAP-AC-LITE as your wifi access point, this is just the most popular we see sold. You can also leave the access point out all together if you didn’t want Wifi.

All Ubiquiti kit is installed and managed by the Unifi Controller which you need to download here, so you need to host/install that on a cloud server or a computer on your network to configure everything (Not mandatory to leave running after install, but preferred). This is what can make the install a little complex, but once installed it offers a lot more control and power over your entire setup.

Finally, with option two you aren't constrained to an 8 Port switch, this is just the cheapest to power your wifi access points and give you some ports to connect onto for your wider network. You could take a 16, 24 or 48 Port switch if you wanted it to serve a larger network. Note Ubiquiti do a POE range and non POE range. If you want to power their access points directly from the switch, you'll need a POE switch like the US-8-60W linked above. 

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