What is call queue availability?

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What is call queue availability?

Call queues are a powerful tool to any business that chooses to utilise them.  To ensure both your customers and colleagues are having the best experience, it is important to manage queue availability of anyone in call queues.  


How does queue availability work?

Queue availability shows queues on Yay wether you are ready to take calls or not.  This allows individual members of a queue to regulate their own schedules while keeping the queue tended by other users.  


How does queue availability differ from do not disturb?

If a user is unavailable in a queue, he or she can still be contacted via calls to the user or to a hunt group containing the user.  Do Not Disturb will apply to all calls coming through the Yay.com app.


When do I need to use queue availability?

Queue availability should be toggled whenever a user leaves his or her desk including, but not limited to, lunch breaks, a trip to the coffee machine, or leaving for the day.  While this may seem tedious at first, it is very straightforward to habitualise.  


How do I turn this on and off?

There are several ways to toggle your availability.


At Yay.com we prefer using a short code which can turn our availability on and off.  There isn't one set up by default, so you'll need to set one up on the short codes page.  These can be used on any desk phone, soft phone, or any Yay.com app.


In the desktop app, you can go to Settings > Inbound > Available in call queues to change your settings.


In the iPhone app, you can go to More>Settings>Calls>Available in Call Queues to change your settings.


In the users page of the dashboard edit the user in question, then go to the Advanced tab, there is a 'Available in call queues' toggle.  If you'd like to update the status, ensure that you hit the save changes button.


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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