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How do I use inbound and outbound call statistics?

What are inbound/outbound call statistics?


Call statistics allow you to see how many calls are coming through to each user from the call queue and how many calls that user is sending out.


You can see:


- Total Calls

- Unanswered Calls

- Answered Calls

- Average Duration

- Total Duration



How do I see my statistics?


Step 1: Select Voice > Calls > Inbound or Outbound Statistics > Search Statistics tab

Step 2: Select at least 1 option in the 'calls from' section. You can either select a user, hunt group, or wallboard which will show all users within the selection. Multiple options can be selected in one run of statistics.

Step 3: Next, you will need to select a date range that you want to view, by choosing the dates to and from.

Step 4: Following this, select the time frames that you want to show the statistics within. 

Step 5: Confirm this selection by clicking 'Search Calls'.


Following this, you should see the statistics for every selected user in the space below. From this point, you can download the statistics onto your device.


Note: The full set of statistics may not be shown on the page if the list is too long. To see the full set of statistics, select 'download statistics' and save it onto your device.



Can I have regular reports? 


Yes! You can schedule reports to be sent to dedicated emails on a regular basis. 



How to schedule a report


Step 1: Select Voice > Calls > Inbound or Outbound Statistics > Schedule Reports tab > Create Schedule


Step 2: From here, you can...


- Input a schedule nickname

- Select the frequency of the report

- Select what statistics to include

- Choose where to email the report

- Select an email delivery time


Step 3: Click save


Regular reports will now be set up to come to your designated email addresses at regular intervals that you specified!


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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