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What are the options for Voicemail mailboxes. Can I have different ones for a group of people and one for me personally?

The simple answer is yes. You create Mailboxes, by going to Dashboard > My VoIP > Config > Mailboxes. From here you can create mailboxes and configure everything about them; do you want to receive email notifications, if so to which email address, would you like a custom greeting etc.

Once you've created your mailbox you then chose how you would like to use it. You can either assign it to a SIP User (A person) by going to Dashboard > My VoIP > Users and make it their personal voicemail that gets played if they don't answer their extension number, or you can assign it to any part of a Call Route that you wish.

You set up call routes under Dashboard > My VoIP > Routing > Call Routes. A Call Route would do something like dial a user or group of users for say 30 seconds and then go to your "we are very busy" Mailbox if non responsive. "Call Routes" are a little like mailboxes, you can create and save as many of them as you want, but you must then go and use them by attaching them to a number under Dashboard > My VoIP > Numbers or using them in an Out of Hours diary. That way when you call say 0207 111 1234 you are telling that number to follow X call route which in turn finish's with X mailbox.

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