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How do I listen to my Voicemail messages?

You have 3 options to hear your messages:-


1. Directly from your device by dialling the Mailbox extension. If you are unsure of the extension, you can check this here:- https://www.yay.com/account/voip/mailboxes/


2. Directly from your Yay.com Dashboard by selecting the Mailbox name & pressing the blue play arrow here:- https://www.yay.com/account/voip/mailbox-messages/


3. By clicking the link in your email notification. You can set this up by following this link & then clicking the pencil to edit your mailbox:- https://www.yay.com/account/voip/mailboxes/ This option will also allow you to set the Beta option to have your messages transcribed in the email too.

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