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How do I set up ZoIPer on a Windows phone?

To setup your VoIP account on Linphone you will need your SIP User <your_SIP_username>, <your_password> and host talk.yay.com.

This information can be found in your dashboard under Users

Please note: ZoIPer will work on a Windows phone running Winodws 8, but will nto run in the background, whereas on a Windows 10 phone, it'll work correctly and run in the background!

    • Step 1

      Zoiper Settings
    • Step 2

    • Step 3

      Add New Account
    • Step 4

      Already have account
    • Step 5

    • Step 6

    • Step 7

      Enter your SIP Credentials
    • Step 7

      Auth Username

If it shows ‘registered’ then you are good to receive and make calls with yay.com! If it reads ‘unregistered’, please check your details and try again.

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