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How do I set up Zoiper on iOS?

To setup your VoIP account on Zoiper you will be need your SIP User ID and Password, which can can both be found in your Yay.com account by navigating into ‘My Dashboard > My VoIP > Users

Your SIP server will always be talk.yay.com.

  • Step 1

    Zoiper Push Notfications
  • Step 2

    Microphone Notification
  • Step 3

    Camera Notification
  • Step 4

    Zoiper Create Account Step 1
  • Step 5

    Zoiper Create Account Step 2
  • Step 6

    Zoiper Create Account Step 3
  • Step 7

    Zoiper Create Account Step 4
  • Step 8

    Zoiper Create Account Step 5
  • Step 9

    Zoiper Create Account Step 6
  • Step 10

    Zoiper Registration OK
  • Step 11

    Zoiper Transport Step 1

    You'll then need to scroll down to Additional Settings > Network Settings to change the SIP transport to TCP

  • Step 12

    Zoiper Transport Step 2

If you have entered your details correctly, once you tap Register, you'll get a screen like the one above with 'Registration OK' displayed.

If you do, then congratulations, you are now ready to start using yay.com! If not, then please check your details and try again.

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