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I want to use my own domain name. Can I do that and if so, do I provide an SSL Certificate to you?

Yes, you can use your own domain name with your custom white label store. To link your domain name with your Store:

  • Log into your account and navigate to My Reseller > My Stores.
  • Pick the store you wish to set rates for and click the 'Edit Store' button.
  • Click on 'Domain' in the menu options.
  • Enter your domain name in the box provided in the format of 'yourdomainname.tld'. Click the 'Save Changes' button.

With your domain host, you will also need to create a CNAME record. The details of these DNS records can be found within the 'Domain' option of My Reseller section.

For any secure pages, such as customer transactions, your customers will be redirected to a secure 'yourdomain'.voipcp.com URL, branded to your unique Store name.

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