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What are the Different Types of Reseller Store Available?

What are the Different Types of Reseller Store Available?


Yay.com offers you the opportunity to resell our service, with the option to create your own WhiteLabel storefront! There are 3 different types of reseller store: 


  • Basic store - This is a ‘dashboard-only’ store, which means that your customers will be able to log on and manage their account, but won’t be able to make any purchases. Any billing is also done by yourself as the reseller outside of the Yay.com platform.


  • Standard Store - This store creates a white labelled version of Yay.com, where customers can visit your site, make their own purchases and self-manage their account. Purchases will be handled by Yay.com, carrying a small transaction fee. You can take a closer to look at billing Here. This type of store has access to both Advanced and Simple store editor.


  • Advanced Store - Like the Standard Store, this store gives you access to the Advanced Store editor, allows your customers to self manage their account and make purchases themselves. Yay.com would handle the invoicing and renewal of your customers, but any purchases or payments would go straight through to your Stripe or Paypal accounts.


If you would like more information on reseller billing please head here & if you would like to sign up for our reseller trial please head here.

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