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How to set the call and package rates that your customers will be charged

You can set call rates for specific white label stores within your Reseller account. To set call and package rates:

  • Log into your account navigate to My Reseller > My Stores.
  • Pick the store you wish to set rates for and click the 'Edit Store' button.
  • To edit package, PAYG call pack and phone number pricing, click on 'Product Rates' in the menu options. Here you will be able to see the rates that you are paying and the rates that your customers will pay. To edit your customer pricing, simply type your desired customer pricing into the relevant boxes. Click 'Save Changes' to save any alterations you have made.

To change the call rates for your customers:

  • In the same Store menu, click on 'Call Rates' in the menu options. Your Retail Rate Card is a list of all your retail rates. To update specific call rates, download your Retail Rate Card and make the changes on the updated CSV. When you have made all your changes, upload the CSV using the 'Upload CSV' button. Be sure to add a note in the Change Log so you can keep track of your price changes and who made them. Alternatively, if you would like to apply a global price change which will affect all call rates, you can do so by adding a percentage amount within the global price change box and clicking the 'Apply & Save' button. These changes will take effect immediately.
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