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What are the costs for transferring my number?

Successful number transfers cost just £19.99 + VAT and you can start the porting process online within a few simple steps.

Re-submissions - If we need to make subsequent submissions, the transfer fee will apply again each time as they have to be submitted as fresh orders. The most common reasons for rejections include, but are not limited to, the following.

      • Incorrect postcode: This is usually because your number is not registered at the address you believe it to be.
      • No service: When a number is out of service it is not portable.
      • Multi-line: The number should operate a single line.
      • Existing order: Another order being open on the line, such as a different port request.
      • Number range: There may be other numbers attached to the number you wish to port.
      • Security line:  Dedicated security lines may need more preparation to move.


Your current supplier or re-seller will always be able to obtain the correct information for you though and we'll do all we can to point you in the right direction if this happens.

If your number may have been at more than one postcode in it's lifetime, it's worth checking the current number postcode with the Porting Team at your current provider, and not Customer Services, as the postcode may not be the billing address. If you would like to discuss anything first, please do just give us a call at 0330 122 6000 or drop us an email.

Date Change - All number transfers are requested at your providers earliest available porting date unless you tell us otherwise when you apply. If you wish to change the date AFTER we have submitted your transfer request, there is a date change charge of £12.50 + VAT.

Cancellation - If you wish to cancel your port AFTER it has been requested to your provider, there is a cancellation fee of £12.50 + VAT.


If you need any further help porting your landline number to VoIP, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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