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How do I make changes to my Legacy plan?

In order to make changes to your legacy plan like adding or removing users/numbers, you'll need to first upgrade to the 'VoIP for Business' package. To do this, head into My Account > Your Plans From here, you'll be able to click the 'upgrade account' button under the 'VoIP for Business' section:

From there, just go through the steps, selecting your users and numbers. You only need to upgrade if you'd like to make changes to your plan, otherwise your plan will stay the same as it was before!

In most cases there is no difference in price when upgrading and you may actually save money when you upgrade to our newest plans with all features staying the same!

To find out if you can save money, log out of your yay.com account and then use our homepage to set the same amount of numbers and users you have in your current plan to see if upgrading could save you money!

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