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How can I set up a direct debit with Yay?

As a subscription service, we take payment for VoIP renewals each month from a dedicated payment method on your account including Direct Debit, PayPal and Credit or Debit card. You can view and manage all of these from your Yay dashboard.


If you wanted to pay for your Business Telephony via Direct Debit, just follow the steps we have below: 


1. Go to the Payments section of your dashboard and select 'Setup Direct Debit'.


2. Choose whether you would like to enter your company name & email or personal name & email for the Direct Debit. 


3. Enter in your Sort Code & Account Number.


4. Confirm that you are the account holder of that Bank account. 


5. Select your address & read over our Yay Direct Debit Guarantee.


6. Please select 'Confirm Details' and your Direct Debit will be saved!




A few things to note for Direct Debits through Yay 


- If you set up a Direct Debit on an existing account, all payments for up to 5 days after this time will be taken via the original payment method while we get things set up. 


- Direct Debit can only be used for VoIP renewals through Yay and will not be used to take any payments relating to Domains.


- You must sign up for Direct Debit through the payment section yourself. Our Support Team is unable to enter this information on your behalf over the phone or via email, though we are able to talk you through the set up!


- The first payment upon set up of each new Yay account must be paid via card or PayPal - renewals will be charged via Direct Debit after this point. 


- Every account must have a payment card or PayPal login on the account too. We will try this payment method if the Direct Debit payment fails or is cancelled. 


- You will receive an invoice 3 working days before the renewal to confirm the total cost of the payment that will be debited. 


- Any additions made to your account (e.g. adding a new number or user) within 4 days of the renewal date will be deferred to the following month.


- If you chose to cancel your Direct Debit through Yay, this will be done immediately from your account and your next renewal will be taken off the secondary payment method. If you chose to cancel the Direct Debit at the bank, the same applies. 


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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