How do I change my payment methods?

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How do I change my payment methods?

Changing payment methods on Yay is really easy! Just head over to this page to get started. It is worth noting that you will always need at least one payment method on your account at all times. Therefore, if you are planning on deleting a payment method, make sure that you add a second one, prior to this. 

You can either add a PayPal account or a Credit/Debit card on your dashboard. Having done this, fill out the details of your PayPal account or your card and make sure you saved changes!


Having added a new payment method, you will now be able to reprioritise or delete previous payment methods. To delete your previously prioritised payment methods, you will first need to de-prioritise the old payment method.


Alternatively, you can set up a direct debit. After selecting this option, you will be asked to input some payment details and account details. For more details on setting up a direct debit, feel free to take a look at our Direct Debit FAQ Page!


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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