How do I configure Vincere to integrate with

Obtaining an API Key


To integrate Vincere with you will first need to contact Vincere at to request an API key and Client ID. You will need to provide Vincere with the redirect URL below:

Further details can be found in your Vincere account by clicking the Settings cog in the bottom left-hand corner, followed by the 'Marketplace' option and then the 'API' tab.



Installing the Integration


Once Vincere have provided the API Key and Client ID, return to and start the installation process via dashboard under Account > Integrations. Click Install Integration in the top right hand corner, and select Vincere from the list of available integrations.

A form will be presented allowing you to enter the required details:

  • Client ID Enter the Client ID Vincere provided to you
  • API Key Enter the API Key vincere provided
  • Vincere URL This is the URL of your Vincere account, for example
  • Source You can choose to use either the Contacts or the Candidates from your Vincere account as the source of the integration and connected phonebook



Click the Continue at Vincere button to be presented with the Vincere login form. Enter your account details and click Sign in to be redirected back to to select the phonebook options and complete the installation. Your Vincere and accounts are now connected.

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