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Transferring a domain to Yay.com!

When we’re transferring a gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) such as a .com, there are a few different steps to go through:


  1. We use the default email address on your Yay.com account, and send you an email asking you to confirm the transfer of the domains - this is called Pending Admin Approval. You can click the link in the email, or you can go to your Yay.com Dashboard (Under Domains > Domains > Transfer) and enter the Auth Code given by your provider, or, if you used our Bulk Domain Transfer tool, simply confirm the Auth Code you used.
  2. Once the administrator has approved the transfer it moves onto the next stage, called Pending Registry Approval - this is when the Registry  will approve the transfer. Sometimes, this can result in the losing registrar contacting you to confirm that you wish to transfer the domains away.
  3. You can respond to this email, or should you choose to ignore it the gTLD is automatically transferred over to our servers after 5 days of pending Registry approval and will be live in your Yay.com account!


Your domain is now registered with Yay.com, Yay!

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