How do I set up my domain with a website created through Weebly?

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How do I set up my domain with a website created through Weebly?

You can follow this FAQ, after choosing a plan and creating your website on Weebly, in order to connect your website to your domain.


Step 1



After clicking publish, you'll need to select 'Use a domain you already own', and then type in your domain

You’ll first need to click the publish button on the top right hand of the site, and then select ‘Use a domain you already own’.



Step 2



Select Option B, and note down the IP addresses given to point the A records to.

Weebly will then give you two options on setting up your domain. Choose the second option, to make the DNS changes yourself. Note the IP address that is given!



Step 3



In your dashboard, add in two A records in your domain's DNS tab, and point these two Weebly's IP address

You’ll then need to navigate to your domains page on your Yay dashboard, and edit the DNS records. From here, you simply need to add in two A records: one with ‘www’ as the host, and one with ‘@’ as the host. Both records will need to be pointed to the IP address given by Weebly.



Step 4



Save changes in, and publish your website!

After completing the steps in Weebly, you will be taken to a ‘Website Published’ page. Don’t worry if you get a warning message, if you have entered the DNS records correctly the changes to your domain will take effect within 48 hours!


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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