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How to upload a list of domains as a .CSV file

To create a .CSV file you will need a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel that you can enter your list of domains into.

If you are creating a list of domains to search for all you need to do is enter each domain name on a separate row of the spreadsheet, running down the page. Make sure to include the TLD of each domain.

Enter domain names in separate rows

If you are creating a list of domains to transfer to Yay.com then you will need to also enter the corresponding transfer authentication code next to each domain in the following column. You will be able to get your authentication code from your current registrant.

Enter transfer authentication code next to each domain

Once you have entered all your domain data into the spreadsheet click File and choose Save As from the menu.

Save the file

Type in a name for the file and then from the Save as type (Windows) or Format (Mac) drop down menu scroll down and select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) and then click Save.

Choose save format

You may see the following message when saving. This message is to inform you that formatting such as colours and bold text will not be saved in the .CSV file. Click OK or Continue.

Warning Message

You now have a correctly formatted and saved .CSV file and can now upload it to Yay.com

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