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What is a call route and how do I use it?

Once your account is setup with a number, you will need to assign a set of instructions to it so that you can receive and make calls. This is known as a Call Route!

To create you first Call Route you will need to go into My Dashboard > My VoIP > Routing > Call Routes and then click the Create Route button at the top right.

First things first, give your route a nickname! This can be anything you like, we advise something recognisable though so you know what the route does quickly and easily.

Once you have given it a nickname, you will need to add Routing Modules. These can be seen on the right hand side under the title Routing Modules. Click ‘Send call to user/group/external number’ and the module will appear on the left in your Call Route. Select the ‘Send Call To’ field and click/type the user nickname you want calls to go to. In this module, you can also set how long the call will ring for, giving you enough time to answer it. The default for this is 30 seconds but it can be changed to as long as you like. If you would like it to ring for less than 30 seconds then we would suggest a minimum of 15 seconds so it gives the call time to connect over VoIP. You can also change the calling tone that is heard by the caller by uploading your own audio file, but the standard one works just as well!

After this is done, click the tick on the right hand side to save your changes and then assign the route to your number by ticking the box next to the number you want to assign the route to. Finally click the ‘Assign Now’ button and you'll be good to go!

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