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How do I use the Out of Hours diary?

You can set which call routes are used throughout certain times of the day and shape it to your business hours. This is known as an Out of Hours diary! You can find more information in the FAQ below:

Call Routes

To start creating an Out of Hours diary simply navigate to My Dashboard > My VoIP > Routing > Out of Hours

The grey areas will follow the standard call route applied to each number, in this case the Yay call route specified in the picture below.

Yay Call Route

To set the times for your business’ closing hours, use the ‘From' and ‘To' drop down menus on the left and choose which call route you would like to have this applied to.

Once you've selected the times, choose the days this will apply to on the right and then click the ‘Plus' button. For example, in the diagram below, you can see that from 8:00am to 3:00pm, the selected business is open, and so the standard call route assigned to that number will take effect. For the closed times, the call route which has been assigned in the out of hours diary will apply. Out of hours

You can create custom days or a certain amount of time that you would like to differ than is what normally set. For example if you were going away on a 2 week holiday, you could set up your out of hours diary so that it would follow the dates you have it set to. In this case 20th January 2016 to 3rd February 2016

Out of Hours Custom Diary

Here, you can see that I have set a customer 2 week holiday, in which the call route will follow the ‘CLOSED’ part of your call route, in this case ‘Out of Hours’

Out of Hours Custom Diary

Once you have completed your Out of Hours diary and have saved it by pressing the tick at the top of the diary, you will need to make sure it is assigned to your number. to do this, head to My Dashboard > My VoIP > Numbers. once here, click the Edit button on the number you would like to assign the Out of Hours diary to, and then under the Out of Hours drop down menu, select the Out Of Hours diary that you just created.

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