What is the difference between a time diary and a call route?

Call Routes -

Call Routes are a set of instructions that allow you to make and receive calls. For example, you can set instructions such as to play a sound, allocate a call to a queue and provide options for a caller to press or send the call to voicemail. These options can be set in the ‘Routing' area of your dashboard. 

Call Routes will apply to calls 24/7 for whatever number they are assigned to. You can assign a Call Route to a number in the ‘My Numbers’ area of your dashboard. 

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Time Diaries -

Time Diaries, on the other hand, are a way to manage your Call Routes in more detail. You can assign different Call Routes to different times of the day to fit your business hours! For example, setting an out-of-hours message to play automatically after your business closes. 

Like a Call Route, Time diaries can also be allocated to certain phone numbers, but will enable you to utilise different call routes at different times throughout the day or week. 

To find out more about Time Diaries, have a look at this page.


Let’s take a small high street shop, for example. They are open Monday-Saturday from 9-5 pm and 10-4 pm on Sundays. 

A Time Diary would allow the shop to have different call routes when they are open and closed. They could direct the caller to a voicemail or alternative audio when they are closed and send them through to the shop when they’re open.

Alternatively, if a single call route was assigned to this shop’s number, the same route would happen irrespective of whether the shop is open or closed. 

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