How can I set up a direct dial (DDI)?

Assigning a DDI number to your user allows you to have a direct number for an individual User on your account, which is very helpful for reaching a specific person. DDI stands for 'Direct Dial In' and can also be known as 'Direct Inward Dialing' in the US and outside of Europe. DDI phone numbers allow callers to bypass the reception or switchboard, and instead ring in and directly connect with the team member they want to speak to.


How to set up a DDI for a user


Setting up a DDI is easily done within your dashboard by going to Voice > My Numbers > My Numbers


From here you should see all available numbers on your account as seen below: 


The 'Assigned To’ column is where it shows the call route / time diary / user that is assigned to that number.


By clicking the drop down box under where it says 'Assigned To' you will be able to bring up a list of all the Users, Call Routes and Time Diaries on your account:


To assign the number as a DDI for a user, you will just need to select the user you wish to assign the number to from this drop down.


As soon as this is done, ringing that number will directly call this User and any devices registered to that User, be it a desk phone, mobile or desktop app.


You can then set call handling settings for the user to set mailboxes and forwards on this DDI as can be seen in our helpful call handling guide here


If your business is searching for a range of consecutive Direct Dial phone numbers for your sales or marketing teams, get in touch to find out about the DDI range options available to you.


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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