What are the Basics of a Call Queue Group?

You can use the Call Queue Groups feature to select who you want in your Queue group for certain Call Routes! You can select from pre-made hunt groups, choose the Ring Order of the group and how long you want to wait until you try to call a member again!



1. Queue Group Nickname - This can be any name to identify your Queue group

2. Queue Group Members - You can use this to select an already created hunt group or create one using the drop down

3. Member Ring order - Please take a look at our Ring Order FAQ for each individual.

4. Ring Order period - This defines how long each ring order takes effect for (After the period of time set in the Ring Order Period expires, all stats taken into account for the Member Ring Order are reset)

5. Timeout before moving to next member - This section determines how long a call will ring on a certain member before moving on

6. Keep ringing previous member - Once the call has moved on, this options determines whether to continue ringing the previous user or to cease the call there and call a new user

7. Time before ringing this member again - Once a member has been tried and they were unable to answer, this will determine how long until they are tried again. This is also applicable for the ‘If Call in Queue is Answered by Member’ and ‘If Call in Queue is Rejected by Member’

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