How can I set up an IVR?


How can I set up an IVR?

The IVR feature Yay offers is a very easy to use and powerful feature - quite often it’s referred to as a ‘Virtual Receptionist’. It gives your customers the chance to get through to a specific department or person, at the click of a button! You can access this if you have the Flying High and Enterprise plans.


You’ll just need to head over to your Yay dashboard, and then to Voice > Inbound Settings > Routing. You can either click on “Create call route” or click on the pencil to edit an existing route.


This page is essentially a flow chart of what you want to happen when a call comes in - with the incoming call at the top, and the end of the call at the bottom. On the right-hand side, there are all the various call routing modules you can use to route your calls! If you need more detail, take a look at our Call Routing FAQ!


The option we need is labelled “Press 1, Press 2 option”. Once this is added, you’ll see various numbers and options appear. When each number is highlighted you’ll see what happens when someone presses that particular number. You can pre-record an audio message and upload in the Audio section. You’ll then be able to select this audio file in the “Play this message" field of the IVR module. 

You can do a lot of different things with the IVR routing menu we have, it's not limited to the above options! You can use it to send to other call routes, play audio messages and even create an "IVR tree", with multiple levels of IVR menu, to direct customers to the right place! 


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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