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Can I divert my new number to my mobile and/or another landline number?

Can I divert my new number to my mobile and/or another landline number?


Setting up a call forward is nice and simple, and you'll need to go to https://www.yay.com/account/voip/routes/ to get started. 

In your call route, you'll need to select a 'Send Call to User' Routing Module, and enter the number you wish to forward to. 

Once you've added your forward in and finalised your call route, you'll need to Save Changes, and 'assign' your Call Route to your number.

Please note that we treat all call forwards as an outbound call, so if you are using a PAYG plan then this will be charged at the same rate as an outbound call to this number, via Calling Credit on your account. You can top this up here, as well as adding low balance notifications and auto-top ups to make sure you don't get cut short! 


If you don't want to pay to receive calls, then you can download our Yay.com App instead! This allows calls to be taken through your mobile data or wifi connection. You can link your mobile number to your User and invite yourself to download it via text message, from here: https://www.yay.com/account/voip/apps/

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