Setting up a Conference Bridge


Setting up a Conference Bridge

A conference bridge can be set up in order for a combination of internal or external users to dial into a conference bridge using an extension and pin of your choice. This can be done from the routing section in your Dashboard.


1 - When setting up the conference bridge in the routing options here - (Add Call Route)


2 - You can give your route an extension number, for your users to access internally.


3 - This is the pin each user will have to enter before joining the conference


4 - This is a pre-recorded audio file you can use to introduce your conference to those dialing in. This can be saved here in the audio tab


5 - Choose the music participants will hear when they are the only one in the conference, and when placed on hold.


6 - You can choose to have each user that dials in record their name and have it announced on their arrival. This will be disabled if you tick the box.


Don't forget to assign your new call route to your number!

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