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Domain Transfer Management

Manage your domain transfers with ease through your online Dashboard.

Bulks transfer management for your domain name registrations

We have made it as easy as possible for you to manage your domain transfers, no matter how many domain names you are transferring in to us. Transfer status overviews are available in your Dashboard to enable you to glean transfer statuses at a glance. Individual domain status filtering also allows you to zero-in on specific transfers to manage and resend transfer emails at the click of a button. So whether your domain is ‘Pending Admin Approval’ or ‘Pending Tag Change’ you can be sure that you will always know at which stage your domain transfers are in. With numerous ‘keep nameserver’ and DNS options you can be sure your website or email service will always stay active during your transfer. Pay for an additional year’s renewal when you transfer to us and get the transfer for free too. So transfer in to us today and enjoy the full range of our bulk domain management features.

  • Bulk domain transfer options make transfers a breeze whether you have one or 100 domain names.
  • Keep track of domain transfers via easy-to-find status updates within your Dashboard.
  • Full management over your transfers including DNS pre-setup for zero downtime.
  • Bulks transfer management for your domain name registrations