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Pre-Transfer DNS Record Setup

Set up your DNS with us prior transferring for zero downtime.

Pre-configure DNS zones for your domain name transfers

When you initiate a transfer with us, you can be safe in the knowledge that services attached to your domain names will continue to resolve as your domains move over to us. For maximum uptime, ensure you set up your DNS records with us prior to your domain transfer. Not just limited to single domain transfers, if you’re initiating a bulk domain transfer, unique DNS template tools allow you to apply your most frequently used DNS zones to domains without having to add DNS records individually. From websites through to email addresses, you can make sure A records, MX Records, CNAMEs and more are fully configured and ready and waiting for you as soon as your domain moves over to us. Transfer your domain names in to us today and try out our DNS zone pre-configuration options.

  • Set up DNS zone records in advance of domain transfers.
  • Enjoy zero downtime for existing websites, email addresses or services attached to your domain names.
  • DNS Templates allow DNS records to be assigned in bulk for smoother inbound domain transfers.
  • Pre-configure DNS zones for your domain name transfers