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Rated EXCELLENT by 759 customer reviews

  • Superb customer service. Meg is courteous, attentive and tenacious regardless of the challenges being presented. She genuinely deserves all the praise being lavished upon her...Frank

  • Got straight through to tech support within a few seconds of calling, Connor was very helpful and super efficient in getting our new phone connected! Benjamin

  • I can't believe how good these guys are! Brilliant prices and the customer support team can't do enough to help you. I shall be recommending Yay. Thanks Daisy, Matt and everyone else who helped me get set up.Leah

  • I started using Yay.com just recently but I have been extremely impressed with their support and service. Every time I call they are super helpful, really informative and so willing to help and extremely pleasant - it's so refreshing to receive such great service. Well done Yay.com you most certainly are doing something great with your staff - it's so easy to complain about bad service but taking the time to compliment on great service is so valuable I believe. I would not hesitate to recommend Yay.com and will definitely keep on using you. Thank you and keep up the great work - your staff are a credit to you Matt!Karen

  • Excellent Support team! Was able to talk me through every step needed with competence which was very useful for someone out of their depth like myself.Ryan

  • Very new to Yay.com, and to VOIP generally. The team, including Jez, Connor and Daisy, have been brilliant, helpful, knowledgeable, and made the learning curve considerably less steep for me. Lovely to deal with a UK company, small enough to make me feel like I matter but big enough to provide a full scale professional grade service. Such a refreshing contrast to the big telecoms companies. And great value tariffs too!Richard

  • Amazing service and after sales always on the ball. I would totally recommend to others looking for a voip service . Have tried many others & Yay is the best. Mark

  • Excellent customer service, called to get help setup a Mobile App, that was extremely helpful, plus advice on equipment, very pleased.John

  • Really impressed with the service. Friendly knowledgable staff, help to set things up, all questions answered. Highly recommended.Fiona

  • After being left in the dark by another member of staff for about a week, I was relieved to speak to a delightful chap by the name of Konnor who literally lead me through everything I needed to know, step by tiny step, until I had a grip on how this Voip thing works! He was on the phone to me for 53 minutes making sure that my upgrade from free trial went smoothly. I don't remember customer service like that anywhere before! Thank you very much...Gregory

  • Blown away, Jez was super helpful. He got us up and running right away. Our VOIP phone was delivered in less than 24 hours - AMAZING!Martin

  • Excellent service and cannot fault them! After a few emails back and forth with their help department regarding best package for me and to gain an understanding of the packages, I carried out a free trial which was a great help and signed up straight away. The guys at Yay have been on hand to talk me through the setting up process and have been amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a quality provider at a great price. Kelly

  • Transferred a batch of domain names from my old registrar. Simple, fast and efficient. Had a courtesy call from Yay.com Support too. Very impressed so far.Dave

  • Customer support at Yay is first-rate. I had very limited understanding of VOIP phone systems, they explained the ins and outs and got my system setup and started within no time. Thank you!Bridgeway

  • I have found all the team at Yay very helpful, especially Meg who has guided me through the set up and configuring apps and voicemail. As someone who is not tech minded I initially found the prospect of voip daunting and had put off the purchase due to the condescending attitude of other tech firms. Yay are the total opposite and a joy to work with and are super helpful. I can't thank them enough.Dean

  • Spoke to Mag three times in week, she is brilliant, excellent knowledge about Yay systems and extremely helpful. Always looking forward to trouble shoot the problem and when inquire she suggest / explain new things to suits your business requirement. Superb after sale service. Muhammad

  • Konnor Munt is a legend!!! 5 times I have tried to get different phones in the office and every previous time technical glitches have made turn back to painful BT. Konnor has been great to spec and deliver a fantastic system with more bells and whistles than I can think what to do with and cool phones. This is going to save us a fortune in time and money. Well done yay and well done Konnor great job!Phillip

  • jezz was amazing with the help and support he gave and was a smooth transition from my other providers and excellent customer service I'm sure it will be the same all the way through but jazz was amazing and a credit to yay.com well done jazz great man Efarzand

  • We recently switched our telephony services over to Yay.com after many years of being with BT. As part of the process, we transferred over an existing BT line and setup a new VOIP account. Before getting set up, we called Yay.com to run through a few questions and make sure that we were a good fit for each other. We spoke with Jez on the telephone, who was fantastic and extremely helpful. The account was set up within minutes and after the number transferred over from BT (about a week later), we were good to go. We've been extremely impressed with the service provided, the customer support and the overall quality of the service from Yay.com. We would happily recommend them to others.Matt

  • I have been with yay for about 3 years and they are fantastic.The savings on telephone costs are great but the ease of use is even better.The console takes a bit of getting used to but the staff are always available to help...i sound like an add!! Its not often that telco gets praised,but they deserve it keep it up!!michael

  • I have contacted Yay.com a few times and each time have had all my questions answered. Today I spoke with Connor as was having trouble setting up my new phones, he was so helpful, and had my phones up and running in no time!!! Thank you for all your help, all your staff have been amazing!! JoannaJoanna

  • (My second review of Yay.com, updating my previous review after three months' experience) It was a big and frightening step, switching our business to a VOIP phone system. I ws nervous that it wouldn't be business-grade reliable, having experienced Skype calls which can occasionally be flaky, but the switch has gone quite smoothly although I bought and configured all the phones myself which was a steep learning curve, because I got excellent support from Yay.com. Our new system is better than what we had before, we can make more concurrent calls, the audio quality is better, the management is better. The other day I wasn't working, and none of the sales staff turned up to work first thing. No-one else knew how to switch the nighttime service off so the boss phoned me panicking, and I did it online from where I was, in a few seconds. Couldn't have done that before! Yay have been superb throughout, and our phone bills have approximately halved. All too often technology is a source of stress, but just occasionally I come across something that gives me a warm feeling inside. Spreadsheet software is one such example, but then I'm a nerd. Yay.com and their VOIP service is another. Highly recommended.Richard

  • I've used VoIP for over a decade and when switching providers compared 5 companies. Yay.com were head and shoulders above the competition. Yay.com's call quality came out top thanks to support for the OPUS codec, and the support they provide is in the top 0.5% of companies I've ever dealt with, going above and beyond to help. Their only weakness is the control panel, which I suspect is laid out to mimic how their service is structured, but not the way a customer thinks about it. This makes their service better suited to users with some technical knowledge. But if you get stuck, their excellent support is a call/email away. I'm now recommending Yay.com them to my customers. I can't give higher praise than that.Peter

  • Having spent weeks trying to get a skype phone number and even then trying to find a person to speak to- I found yay.I was immediately put at ease with a very firm but friendly confirmation that they could do all that I wanted plus much more too! Can I just say that Yay was sold the moment I heard from Jez. He was consistent and persistent (with my techno phobia) and helped me choose just what I needed then took the time to run through things I was unsure of. This firm runs off the cheery helpful and kindhearted staff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Keep up the good work Jez!Stewart

  • I would wholeheartedly recommend Yay. I've been using them for myself and my staff for a year now and the service is great. Affordable pricing with lots of options and such amazingly polite, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Literally nothing bad to say. I use the VoIP service which enables me to keep track of my remote staff ensuring they are on the phones. I can even record their calls which is great for training. Great dashboard with easy and intuitive functionality. Keep up the good work , Yay!Carmen

  • Took a short while to get things sorted but the operator on the phone was very helpful and spoke to me every step of the way until it was finally sorted.Kirstie

  • I have just had an exemplary call with Yay.com where my phones were set up effortlessly remotely within a few minutes and explanation given clearly and with great patience. Thank you Meg... exceptional!Charles

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