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Bulk Name Server Groups

Enjoy using our Nameserver Group features for bulk domain name management.

Create Nameserver Groups for easy bulk domain name management

With your domain name registration, you will benefit from a number of bulk domain tools for easier domain management. With Nameserver Groups you can easily create groupings of default DNS nameservers which can then be assigned to domain names quickly and simply.

If you’re registering domain names in bulk, this feature can save a lot of time that would otherwise be used modifying individual domain names one by one. The quicker you can assign nameservers to your domain name, the quicker you can get your domain and website hooked up together and live. Give your Nameserver Groups nickname alias’ so they are quickly identifiable and create as many groups as you want to make managing multiple domains a breeze. Register a domain name with us today and try our bulk Nameserver Group feature from within your domains Dashboard.

  • Create Name Server Groups for your most frequently used hosting nameservers.
  • Use this bulk domain tool to save time assigning nameservers to multiple domain names.
  • Create nicknames for all groups of nameservers for quick identification.
  • Create Nameserver Groups for easy bulk domain name management